Recent Films

Beverly’s Garden

Beverly has just gotten the news that her brand-new great granddaughter has been born in far off Alaska. When she finds out that her granddaughter’s family can’t visit, Beverly wants terlife is she able finally to give little Abigail her gift.
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Small Comforts

After losing her father, Moira wants nothing more than some time with Mom. One day, she stumbles on a thrift shop sale that holds the answer to her problems. In this tale, little things can make a big difference, and even though you might think you're all alone in something, chances are there are folks willing to help.

Merry Music Makers Promo

A promotional video I produced and directed for a local small business, Merry Music Makers.

The Unforgivable Thing

A little girl finds an abandoned nest and tries to hatch an egg, but, especially between siblings, sometimes endings aren't always what we'd hope for. This is one of the first films I made in graduate school. It was shot on a Bolex; 16mm silent film. Originally, I edited it on a Steenbeck flatbed with a razor blade. I think I only cut myself accidentally once.

Impromptu No. 1

In 2004, I traveled with my husband, who was a composition student of Mathieu's for a time, and a small crew to the home of W.A. Mathieu, where he granted us an interview and improvised for us. This is one such musical improvisation.

It's Up, It's Good!

This is a spec commercial I directed for the Dorito's Super Bowl competition in 2008.